Aloha Festival and Na Leo Open House

So many great things happening this weekend (March 11 and 12) at the annual Aloha Festival in Tempe. Come get your malasadas on! Come eat plate lunch at the Paradise Hawaiian BBQ and come meet us in the Ohana Village. We will also have new Na Leo O Ke Kai merchandise on hand.

If you want to help us volunteer for our friends Diana and Rena at the Paradise Hawaiian Barbeque booth on Sunday, we could use your help. Sign up here (and you have to get a food safety card):

The following week, we will have Na Leo’s Open House, so you can meet the crew and paddle. Open House dates are March 19 at 12 pm, March 21 at 6 pm and March 23 at 6 pm at the Tempe Town Lake Marina. Bring water and casual clothes to paddle in. Hope to see you there!

This could be you
Making Poi Mochi with Paradise Hawaiian BBQ