Catalina Island or ?

Hurricane conditions brought about the first-ever cancellation of the crossing from Newport to Catalina Island; however, SCORA created a 20-mile change race for competitors. We consolidated our teams and our open coed crew captured 2nd place! Way to go, team.

What’s up in July and August?

Our summer training with Na Leo O Ke Kai has an added element: weekly land workouts and weight training. Thanks, Ryan and Nick! Make sure you keep on track with your teammates and the program on Heja. August also brings back the keiki team on Sundays. Check in with coaches Christel and Joey to find out what’s coming up. On the SCORA circuit, the Catalina crew is out of the water on Thursday nights, including a change practice held at Saguaro Lake. Check out the Instagram for inspiration (and perhaps a few good laughs). Finally, well wishes to our teammates headed to London as part of Team Phoenix, representing the U.S. Mainland/SCORA/Arizona in club crew, at the International Va’a Federation World Sprint Championships from Aug. 8-16 (Alicia, Vince, Lena, Julie, Ceci, Peggy and Stephanie). In addition, Coach Vince will be competing in V1 and racing V6 as part of the U.S. elite open men’s team and Stephanie will be racing V6 as a member of the U.S. open women’s elite team, both representing the U.S. Mainland. Bring back another medal, IVFers! Good luck. Your dedication has been truly inspirational.

Saguaro practice. Go Gene Go!

Iron Champs…champs!

Na Leo represented this weekend at the Iron Champs in San Diego! Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success. It has been an amazing season, growing and building Na Leo, everyone finding their place within our Na Leo Ohana, working together and getting to know each other. Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them and it will change your life! What an amazing iron race season.

Open Coed – long course
Team Phoenix – IVF crew with Na Leo and TAZ paddlers

Crystal Pier adventures

If you weren’t there, you should have been. Na Leo O Ke Kai had crews in novice coed, short course women, long course men and long course women. Everyone was in it together and some of our paddlers helped fill out crews with other clubs as well. What an awesome Mother’s Day weekend, from good times with old friends to building memories with new friends.

Long course ladies
International Va’a Federation World Sprint Championships Open Women
All of us!

Na Leo Spring success and blessings

Our busy spring has included two Open Houses and our annual canoe blessing. Welcome to all our new paddlers! So wonderful to see so many new faces in the canoes, along with our members from the beginning. Glad that you are bringing your good mana and strength. Lots of adventures ahead.

Speaking of adventures, Na Leo fielded a coed crew for the Havasu Heats in April, taking first place and head coach Vince San Nicolas brought home a personal first place in his V1. Way to go gang!

The first race of the season is May 7 at Crystal Pier with the Southern California Outrigger Racing Association. We’ll have novice, experienced and keiki crews. But later this summer, members of Na Leo and Team Arizona qualified to compete as an AZ women’s open and master’s crew, and three guys will join USAORCA open men’s crews, at the International Va’a Federation World Sprint Championships in August. Sign up to practice on Heja and look forward to seeing you on Tempe Town Lake soon.

Na Leo crew

Come find us at the Aloha Festival

If you haven’t tried an outrigger canoe, now is the time. Come meet us at the Aloha Festival this weekend, March 12 and 13. We’ll have a booth and we’ll be manning Paradise BBQ, one of our sponsors. Na Leo O Ke Kai is also back on Tempe Town Lake on Tues. and Thurs. at 6 pm and Saturdays at 7 am. Hope to celebrate spring with you.

Headed to ADR

Na Leo crew hitting it on TTL.

It’s race time! Our double hull crew is headed to the annual Another Dam Race in Parker, Arizona. There are no shortcuts only hardwork. We’re trained and ready for the fun! Safe travels everyone.

We’re back on Tempe Town Lake

Na Leo O Ke Kai is back on the lake. Mahalo for your patience. Practices are planned to be Thursdays 6 p.m. for vaccinated folks only (proof of vaccination required) and Saturdays 6 a.m. for anyone who feels comfortable (ie. nonvaccinated folks are welcome!) In order to practice, you will need to: Complete SCORA waiver, Complete Na Leo waiver, and Pay membership dues (they are discounted this year).

For practices to run efficiently and to stay as safe as possible, we ask you to:

  • arrive promptly (on time) and to remain after practice to put boats away
  • bring your own paddle
  • and, if there is a Thursday practice, please make sure to bring your proof of vaccination (I will check you off so you only need to bring it once).

To be sure that a canoe is going out, please go to our Facebook page and complete the poll taken for each practice, maintained by Head Coach Vince San Nicolas.

Coaches Corner

Head Coach Vince San Nicolas will not institute practices until SCORA offers a plan and protocol for all clubs. Keiki coaches Christel and Joey wish all the keikis “Aloha,” and hope all are happy and healthy. As with the adult practices, all keiki practices will remain suspended until there is a plan of action that keeps our paddlers safe.

In the meantime, you can find some of Na Leo members with OC1s out on the lake, observing social distance rules and wearing masks on land, until they are safely launched. Special wishes to Na Leo members Betty Flores, Julie Hensley, Natalie Bulos and Peggy Coulombe and all the others at TTL training on their own to make Team USA.