Share aloha, each and every day

Aloha Ohana. The lake is back in service up to the buoy line, just west of the Tempe boat rental concessions. We hope your families are well and that you are getting outdoors often. Our keiki coach, Christel, posted a note on the keiki facebook page this week, so sharing what is good advice for us all: “So my advice for our Keikis is to continue to be positive and never give up hope. Start your day with purpose, stay focused and be patient. Lend a listening ear to everyone; sometimes all someone needs is a person willing to listen. In fact let’s all come together and continue to check on our loved ones, friends, teammates, and classmates. You never know the impact of what a simple 5 minute phone call could do for someone (take it from me). Spread that Aloha each and everyday.”85165996_3011375602214240_5262639512441323520_o.jpg