What’s up in July and August?

Our summer training with Na Leo O Ke Kai has an added element: weekly land workouts and weight training. Thanks, Ryan and Nick! Make sure you keep on track with your teammates and the program on Heja. August also brings back the keiki team on Sundays. Check in with coaches Christel and Joey to find out what’s coming up. On the SCORA circuit, the Catalina crew is out of the water on Thursday nights, including a change practice held at Saguaro Lake. Check out the Instagram for inspiration (and perhaps a few good laughs). Finally, well wishes to our teammates headed to London as part of Team Phoenix, representing the U.S. Mainland/SCORA/Arizona in club crew, at the International Va’a Federation World Sprint Championships from Aug. 8-16 (Alicia, Vince, Lena, Julie, Ceci, Peggy and Stephanie). In addition, Coach Vince will be competing in V1 and racing V6 as part of the U.S. elite open men’s team and Stephanie will be racing V6 as a member of the U.S. open women’s elite team, both representing the U.S. Mainland. Bring back another medal, IVFers! Good luck. Your dedication has been truly inspirational.

Saguaro practice. Go Gene Go!